Hi, my name's Brandon.
I Streamline Customer Experience.


I'll walk you through an easy process to hash out your brand strategy and identity to attract your target customers.


I'll develop your website, and create effective marketing strategies for social, online, television, radio, and print.


I'll develop content including videos, music, audio recordings, photography, and print materials to inform your customers.

Over 5 Years of Experience

Hire me for any of these services.

Web Design

Music Production


Logo Design

Studio Recording


Graphic Design

Audio Engineering


Video Creation




Brandon Dith-Berry

"When you better people's lives, they tell their friends & family. That's the best kind of branding, marketing, and advertising. Good business."

Every business or organization is a brand. Every brand needs distinct identifying factors to represent themselves amidst the noise created by other brands. It all starts with who you serve. What do they want? You want to give people something specific. That has to be clear and every piece of your customer's experience has to be seamless so they turn to you when they need that specific thing.

I started to study branding as well as marketing and quickly found out I had found my passion, helping people, businesses, and organizations seamlessly intertwine their branding, marketing, and advertising. I'm dedicated to crafting the entire essence of a brand with clarity and consistency.


Want to work together or have a question? Use the form to let me know. I'm a fast responder and I also love grabbing coffee and chatting too.