About Me

Hi, my name's Brandon Dith-Berry. I'm a first-generation Cambodian-American, originally from Southern Maine, currently living near Houston, Texas.

I started developing websites in high school. One of my clients during that time was a creative agency. They liked my work so much that they hired me when I gradutated. For that reason I never went to university and have been self taught ever since.

Life in Maine was difficult. It's very expensive to live there and I needed to provide for my baby and my wife. I took a job in Texas as a Senior IT Engineer at a $100M trailer manufacturing company. That's where I got my feet wet in revenue operations and CRM implementation with HubSpot.

Because of my HubSpot knowledge and technical development capabilities, I was hired as one of the first RevOps Developers at RevPartners, an Elite HubSpot Partner Agency. That's a long way of saying they were and still are one of the best in the business. I was responsible for spearheading complex technical solutions for common business operations challenges by building advanced automations.

A rival agency poached me and hired me as a Senior Consultant where I helped startups to corportations implement revenue operations using HubSpot. It didn't turn out to be a good culture fit so within 7 months I left to join where I am now, as the Manager of Revenue Operations at Zeni.

I now live in Conroe, TX with my wife and 2 girls and another little one on the way. I still provide freelance marketing services on the side and I write and produce music with my church, ZEALHOUSE. I also produce and write my own music under the moniker Bravier.

I love meeting new people and collaborating to make visions come to life. Solving complex challenges has been my forte for many years. I've enjoyed this journey and I can't wait to see what we can do together!